Company history

 Two thousand and thirteen
In December 2013, Shenzhen Zhonglian masuyoshi Asset Management Limited registered in Qianhai.
Erun is tri-link International (Chinese Zhonglian) initiated by shareholders holding group.
Two thousand and fourteen
In April 2014, Shenzhen Zhonglian online culture media Limited registered in Qianhai
In June 2014, chairman Wang Hong was invited to visit China Guanghua Science and technology foundation. Join a new member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China power company, the company laid the foundation for the strategic alliance. The central group "dialogue economy" interview with Wang Hong
In July 2014, as the Shenzhen City Chamber of commerce investment Zhonglian online ", Wang Hong served as vice president of the unit" Internet banking branch "policy researcher"; 2014 Chinese Internet Summit, as a financial expert committee of Shenzhen Zhonglian online internet society organizer Wang Hongdan Committee
In November 2014, the company brand advertising in the CCTV-7 channel, brand strategy started, let the public know the Zhonglian online games model, understand the Zhonglian online game, online games virtual currency -- Understanding Zhonglian "kaiyuantongbao"
In December 27, 2014, second games [e] financial transactions officially launched in the District of Qianhai, which marks the Oriental coin - [kaiyuantongbao] ushered in a new era in the era of virtual currency, virtual currency Chinese cultural elements of the beginning of the world
Two thousand and fifteen
In January 23, 2015 held the first "123 global Zhonglian online game PK festival in Hangzhou, the first world's first game PK Festival
In March 2015, the congregation raised pattern in Guiyang international hotel network huaguoyuan Financial Street central commercial area
The near future, you can check in hotel network, paid news coffee with "kaiyuantongbao", enjoy the latest network consulting
In April 2015, the Group officially signed on as Zhonglian online units directly under the central public welfare project CCTV brand promotion exhibition enterprise.
Taking advantage of national authoritative platform, world-class mainstream media, began to serve the public, excavate the cultural value, create high-end image.
In July 2015, Zhonglian online equity successfully listed equity trading center in Qianhai
August 2015 listing Financial Counselling contract duty. Lay a solid foundation for the stock market
August 2015 international Zhonglian Wanlixing from public Chinese Guanghua Science and technology foundation officially set sail
September 2015 - Zhonglian Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship development fund was officially launched
Two thousand and sixteen
In January 23, 2016, the second session of the 123 game PK Zhonglian online festival was held successfully in Changzhou
In March 15, 2016, was rated the 2016 best China Zhonglian online financial integrity demonstration units, the Oriental TV interview program --315 Chairman Mr. Wang Hong Zhonglian Online
In April 16, 2016, Zhonglian online two anniversary, in Changzhou held a "China Zhonglian Chinese Guanghua Science and technology foundation, innovation and entrepreneurship for youth Charity Night" and "the general public Chinese calligraphy Wanlixing" Zhonglian online games business two anniversary of the "three major activities
In May 18, 2016, the net swims Zhonglian app topped the CPPCC Zhonglian commune network home promotion
June 5, 2016 China's first public wine theme network Hotel - Guiyang Shanshui Hotel officially opened operations, and held a cocktail reception.
In June 14, 2016, the international Zhonglian CEO Mr. Wu Mingyuan, Mr. Gu Daojun, director of online games to accept the Oriental TV "public choice" column interview.
In June 19, 2016 2016, "West Point first tri-link international elite training camp" was successfully held in Ningbo
In June 16, 2016, held the "international Zhonglian tri-link international hotel in Cixi platinum hanjue hall on the third floor 326 (Cixi & Yuyao) Yang Meijie celebration".
Zhonglian international Spring Hotel officially opened in June 21, 2016. The hotel is the first public to raise the network model of Yunnan Hotel, the hotel supports virtual gaming equipment to pay for consumption. Designed for women to provide beauty, body, nail and other professional private custom high-end services.
In June 25, 2016 2016, Zhonglian Alliance (Beijing) venture capital fund partner reception held in Taizhou City, Zhejiang province Liting Phoenix Villa
In August 13, 2016, China alliance fund forum held in Shanghai, Jinting Manor Hotel in the evening the same day, 2016 night dinner Zhonglian, officially opened the Zhonglian alliance.
August 14, 2016, the China Association of fund leaders summit held in Shanghai chamber of Commerce, the domestic well-known entrepreneurs to visit the event of innovation and entrepreneurial experience, a number of media without border communication.
August 14, 2016, the China Association of fund leaders summit held in Shanghai chamber of Commerce, the domestic well-known entrepreneurs to visit the event of innovation and entrepreneurial experience, a number of media without border communication.
In August 18, 2016, the international Zhonglian high-level group meeting in Beijing to fund office guidance, Zhonglian alliance and CCTV micro CCTV movie channel executives to discuss cooperation, share the wealth of new business opportunities.
August 26, 2016, Shanghai TV channel broadcast "first finance" (China) tri-link International Holdings Group successfully held the "2016 Chinese alliance fund forum news in Shanghai.
In September 3, 2016, "Chinese story" series of theme micro film in Beijing starting; "China story" series of theme micro film and micro film creative boot CCTV channel launch ceremony held at the Beijing Bay Hotel, Zhonglian online micro film industry will open a new journey.
In September 6, 2016, the international enterprise alliance and Zhonglian Zhonglian senior representative to Hebei province Qian'an city investigation, and was invited to attend the 2016 "charm Watertown, green Qian'an investment environment, understand the relevant project in Qian'an City, to explore opportunities for cooperation.
On September 2016 27-30, "west two elite League Zhonglian training camp held in Yunnan.
In October 19, 2016, Zhonglian online Chairman Mr. Wang Hong went to Guiyang to raise public exchanges and exchange visits, the relevant responsible person to negotiate docking in Guiyang to raise the public exchange Zhonglian Online