About Us

Zhonglian International (Chinese) Holdings Group is a multinational company, subsidiary Shenzhen Zhonglian masuyoshi Asset Management Company Limited, Shenzhen Zhonglian online culture media Limited, Zhonglian Alliance (Beijing) fund management company limited, Zhonglian Zhongtian Hotel Management Co. Ltd., Guiyang zhonglianyi Jia Technology Co. Ltd., Sichuan zhonglianyi Scarlett science and technology limited company, Wenzhou Zhonglian sea Network Limited, Guizhou Sanshui masuyoshi Travel Agency Co. Ltd., Guiyang Zhonglian landscape Hotel Plaza Limited, Hangzhou science and technology limited company, Xi Anwen data sets of film and Television Center, Hangzhou, Shenzhen city logistics operations center Mulan culture media Co., Chinese online, and to raise public platform and expanding growth of the country around the branch.
The company's domestic business to the game as the carrier, the virtual currency points for the vanguard, different industry alliance for the backing. Through the effective combination of cluster supply, cluster consumption, cluster resources, leveraging big data industry terminal, the formation of large data collection, big data sharing, open up the circulation, thereby creating value. Create public comprehensive platform + ecological industry chain, Internet plus big data industry mode.
In June 2014, Zhonglian group's holding company to join the CPC Central Committee Zhonglian online new power enterprise members, the establishment of online games is a pioneer of "mobile phone Zhonglian electric shock G2G mode".
Zhonglian group stable market share, at present, the country have set up more than and 40 subsidiaries and branches, and laid a solid foundation for the domestic Internet industry group company +G2G to enter the capital market. All the business model for the integration of the formation of Mobile Games, e mall, financial fund, culture media, travel network play O2O, hotel, cultural education, intelligent robot etc..